Sealant removal is a challenge and avoiding costly damage to aircraft surfaces requires the use of proper tools and materials. The Elixair product range was designed to meet these challenges and Hypercoat-Downing is proud to be the leading Canadian distributor of these products.


Elixair’s ULTEM SkyScrapers come in four sizes for easy removal of sealant in differing locations. The scrapers have a profile which is designed to minimIze the chances of damage to surfaces and maximise the effectiveness of the scraping action. Sizes available are 3mm, 14mm, 25mm and 37mm. HANDLES Elixair provides an ergonomic and durable handle which can be fitted to any width of scraper. It is designed to provide a cushioning effect to reduce stress to the hand.


The “Edgit” sharpening tool is portable so that scrapers can be sharpened wherever sealant is being removed. It re-sharpens the scraper to the original approved profile so that it can be used repeatedly without compromising its effectiveness. “SkyMill” is a rechargeable electric sharpener for use in repair and maintenance shops which have large crews with frequent scraper use. This can re-profile scrapers at least ten times, dramatically extending their lifetime.


“SOFTENING” COMPOUND Life can be made much easier if the old sealant is softened before any scraping takes place. SkyRestore is a Boeing-approved, thixotropic gel designed for use on vertical and overhead surfaces. It softens cured Polysulphide sealants in about 30 minutes (depending on thickness) and is also for use on silicones and RTV. It paves the way for the SkyScrapers to do their job even more effectively. Available in 1 litre bottles. OTHER ELIXAIR PRODUCTS Hypercoat is pleased to supply other Elixair products including SkyWash, SkyWipes, “POM” scrapers, spreaders and spatulars. Data sheets and information on minimum quantities and lead-times are available on request.