The 3M PPS System was pioneered 15 years ago and has evolved ever since. This clean, effective spray system when coupled with 3M’s booth protection solutions creates a 21st century painting environment, reducing costs and improving quality.

PPS Spray Systems

The 3M PPS™ system increases efficiency by eliminating the need for traditional mixing cups and paint strainers. Now, paint is mixed and sprayed out of the same PPS™ liner with a lid and built-in filter. A key advantage of this closed system is that it enables a painter’s spray gun to function at any angle, even upside down!

Hypercoat supplies the full range of mini, midi, standard and large cups, collars, lids, liners and inserts. Nozzles are available in four sizes.

  • Cups and Collars
  • Lids and Liners
  • Spray Nozzles
  • Mix Ratio Inserts
  • Dispensers
  • Technical Support

Booth Protection | Dirt-Trap

A specially engineered adhesive-backed material designed to:

  • Protect booth walls and floors
  • Traps dust, dirt and over-spray
  • Brighten work ares

Link to 3M PPS Brochure

Link to 3M Dirt-trap brochure