Socomore has a rapidly-expanding product range with proven solutions for surface preparations and treatments. Below is a small selection of the products offered

Product Name Description Application Method Approvals
KEMSTRIP 596 Hot immersion stripper for alkyd, polyurethane, epoxy and acrylic paints. For use on stell, aluminium and magnesium alloys Immersion ASTM F 945-06, SNECMA(SAFRAN GROUP), SAE
SOCOSTRIP A0103N Gel-type paint stripper for epoxy and polyurethane paints. For use on all types of metal except magnesium. Spraying or brushing AIRBUS, BOEING, BOMBARDIER, DASSAULT, CESSNA, EMBRAER, BEECHCRAFT, PILATUS, SNECMA (SAFRAN GROUP).
SOCOPAC 25H and 65H Medium and long term water-repellant and penetration-resistant protection Spraying or brushing AIRBUS, BOEING, BOMBARIDER CANADAIR, DASSAULT, EADS
SOCOSURF A1858 Chrome-free deoxidation or bleaching of aluminium and titanium alloys following degreasing on a surface treatment line Immersion AIRBUS, AIRBUS HELICOPTERS, DASSAULT, TURBOMECA (SAFRAN GROUP)
SOCOSURF A1806 Used in addition to SOCOSURF 1858 during surface treatment operations on aluminium alloys Immersion AIRBUS, AIRBUS HELICOPTERS, DASSAULT, TURBOMECA (SAFRAN GROUP)
SPC-909N (Sea2Sky) Faster-acting neutral stripper Spraying or brushing BOEING, BOMBARDIER, CESSNA, DOUGLAS, EMBRAER, EUROCOPTER, HAWKER-BEECHCRAFT, MIL-R-81903
DS-108 Used for cleaning and degreasing of metal and composites prior to painting, bonding and sealant applications. Bio-sourced, REACH-approved product Spraying, brushing or wiping AIRBUS, BOEING, BOMBARDIER, EMBRAER, LOCKHEED MARTIN, PRATT & WHITNEY, SAE
CHEMGLAZE M331/M201 A two-component polyurethane coating designed to produce a tough but flexible film for protecting the leading edges of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. MIL-PRF-85322 Pressure-pot or HVLP spray DEPT OF NAVY, PRATT & WHITNEY and all MIL-PRF 85322 SPECIFIERS
WADIS 24 Water-repellant oil for short-term protection of all types of metal Spray, immersion, brushing or wiping AIRBUS HELICOPTERS, DGA, HISPANO-SUIZA, MESSIER-DOWTY, PRATT & WHITNEY, SNECMA, TURBOMECA (SAFRAN GOURP)