Enabling lighter, safer and quieter aircraft that can be constructed faster, 3M designs and delivers a range of solutions for the aerospace industry.


AC-350 – 3M™ Aerospace Sealant AC-350 is a family of intermediate density, fast-curing, polysulfide fuel tank and fuselage sealants that provides outstanding resistance to aviation fuels and petroleum chemicals.

AC-380 – 3M™ Aerospace Sealant AC-380 is a family of Class B polysulfide sealants formulated for easy tooling. This family of sealants saves time through its fast cure and saves weight through its low density formula.

AC-735 – 3M™ AC-735 is specifically engineered for fuselage applications. It is corrosion inhibitive yet contains no added chromate. It has a 25% lower density than traditional sealants yet maintains flexibility and bond strength under adverse conditions on aluminium, titanium, steel, stainless steel and composites.

Liquid Shim EC-7272

Optimize shimming processes with a new high-strength, fast-curing, injectable liquid shim:

  • Fills gaps up to 3mm
  • Cures to drilling strength within 4-5 hours at room temperature
  • Superior fatigue resistance
  • None sag in vertical application
  • Easy and accurate injections application
  • Excellent chemical and environmental resistance

Surface Preparation

AC-131 Chromate-free

  • High performance surface pre-treatment for modern coating systems
  • Total cost reduction
  • Significant water reduction
  • Water-based and non-chromate
  • Minimum impact on the environment
  • Available in blue and clear

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