Hypercoat-Downing is an authorized distributor of Henkel Surface Treatment products marketed under the

BONDERITE® is the leading OEM-approved product range for metal preparation processes

HENKEL is the global leader in the drive towards SUSTAINABLE products. An increasing number of products are REACh compliant

HENKEL is focused on PROCESS OPTIMIZATION with more and more products available in Ready to Use format

HENKEL responds to the industry trend towards LIGHTWEIGHTING which requires surface preparation products suitable for use on light metals, light metal alloys and composites.

BONDERITE C-AK 5948 THICK – An alkaline, water-based, concentrated compound to clean exterior and interior surfaces when diluted with water. Available in 5 gallon pails or 55 gallon drums.

BONDERITE C-AK 6849 – A clear, aqueous alkaline degreaser formulated to remove shop soils, marking inks, grease and lube oils from ferrous and non-ferrous alloys

BONDERITE C-AK 4215 NC-LT AERO – a white, granular mix developped for cleaning ferrous and non-ferrous alloys at low temperatures. Ideal for cleaning fuel and hydraulic components and for cleaning prior to metal bonding

BONDERITE C-IC DEOXDZR 6MU AERO and DEOXIDZR 16R AERO – The Turco deoxidizer process uses two liquid products. These are added to either dilute nitric acid or dilute sulphuric acid to produce an efficient production bath for the deoxidizing, desmutting or acid etching of alumimium and its alloys.

BONDERITE C-AD 7-17 AERO – Deoxidizer 7 when dissolved in dilute nitric or sulphiric acid gives a lightly etched and clean surface ready for anodizing, painting, welding or bonding with adhesives. As a powder additive to the immersion bath it prevents build up of copper deposits

BONDERITE C-IC SMUT-GO NC AERO – This is a chromate-free liquid formulated to deoxidize and desmut aluminium alloys. Ideal for processing alloys which require low surface resistance prior to anodizing, conversion coating , bonding or welding

BONDERITE C-IC 33 AERO – Alumiprep 33 is a non-flammable phosphoric acid-based cleaner, brightener and prepaint conditioner for Aluminium. Cleaning with Alumiprep produces a chemically clean and corrosion-free surface

BONDERITE C-AK 5948 THK AERO – Turco 5948 is a thixotropic, water-based, heavy-duty aircraft cleaner. It is a blue, viscous, alkaline concentrated compound formulated to cling to painted and unpainted aircraft interior and exterior surfaces. To be used in flap and wheel-well areas and on jet engines before overhaul.

BONDERITE C-AK MIL ETCH – Mil Etch is a granular alkaline product formulated to produce a fine satin or frosted etch on aluminium and its alloys. It eliminates the need for descaling of the tank and heating coils and assures efficient heating of the etch bath

BONDERITE M-CR 600 RTU AERO – Alodine 600 RTU is a ready-to-use liquid product which produces a chromate conversion coating on aluminium and its alloys. It not only provides excellent protection for the metal but also bonds paint well.                                                                                                                    BONDERITE M-CR 1201 AERO – Alodine 1201 is a non-flammable, chromic acid-based, coating chemical that will produce a chrome conversion coating on aluminium and its alloys

BONDERITE M-CR 1132 AERO – This product is a felt-tipped marker that provides a chromate conversion coating on aluminium surfaces prior to painting. Ideal for coating repair worklifetime.

HENKEL has already developed products which move away from hexavalent chromes and which meet REACh standards.

BONDERITE M-CR 871 AERO is a trivalent touch-and-prep pen.

BONDERITE M-NT 5200 AERO is a non-chrome conversion coating and M-NT 8800 AERO is a non-chrome adhesion promoter, both approved under REACh.