Time to be more friendly to the working environment

The last few months have been a period for reflection. What kind of planet do we want to live on and what kind of environment do we want to work in? Is the time now right for changes to be made?

Hypercoat has a portfolio of aerospace products which are more friendly to the environment and which make the work-place a healthier place in which to work.

Here are some examples……..

  • 3M AC131  is a single application, dry-in-place surface preparation which vastly reduces water consumption and saves water clean-up costs
  • AkzoNobel  chrome-free solutions include Metaflex pre-treatment, Aerodur HS2118 primer and both 3001 and Eclipse paint systems
  • Socogel – A0203  chromium-free, environment-friendly conversion product which requires no rinsing after application
  • Mirka  dustless sanding systems – not only keeps dust from contaminating surfaces and materials, but also creates a dust-free, healthy environment for the paint crews
  • Henkel 871  touch ‘n prep pens are trivalent chrome solutions which replace the toxic hexavalent product
  • REACh Ask us about our REACh-compliant products which contain only those chemicals that have been evaluated and approved under this major environmental initiative

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SPC-671 4L container